TeliaSonera gains most in popularity among students in Universum survey

Universum is a leading company in the field of employer branding globally.  In a survey in which 48,000 students rank their ideal employer published on Friday June 7 TeliaSonera is one of the companies gaining most in popularity, climbing to place 14 from 21 in its category.

The fact that few industries can show the same growth as telecommunications these days can be one of the reasons for why TeliaSonera is a popular employer, says Karin Eliasson, Senior Vice President and Head of Group Human Resources at TeliaSonera.

- Communication is an integral part in the daily lives of our customers, from Norway to Nepal. Demand for data traffic has multiplied with the increased use of smartphones, tablets, and fiber connections increases. There are few industries that can show a similar growth. At TeliaSonera, we are innovative, we are at the forefront technologically and have lots of skills, and it gives us the potential to be a winner in an industry undergoing great change.

What career and development opportunities for young talents like at TeliaSonera?

- Very good I would say. An industry in transition requires talented people who keep up with progress. We reward performance, have an open internal labor market and offer various forms of professional development.

What can you offer those who dream of an international career?

- We can offer the opportunity to work in one of our 18 countries. An employee who is willing and has the potential move between countries allows us to transfer skills effectively.

What challenges are you facing?

- We face the challenge of becoming even more efficient than we are today. We are developing our business model to meet the challenges the market and customers place on us. At the same time, we must ensure that we continue to attract, retain and recruit the best talent.

Who do you want to recruit?

- We want to recruit all sorts of different types of skills. It involves engineers, economists, marketers and vendors as well as employees for customer service. Importantly, there are people who fit into a dynamic organization that is constantly changing, people who can be part of developing TeliaSonera over time.

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