TeliaSonera part of high-level EU group on the future of vital Spectrum

Today, TeliaSonera joined an executive, high level working group brought together by Vice-President Neelie Kroes to discuss the future of UHF spectrum in Europe, with the aim of coming up with a long term plan for the efficient use of this vital resource. The working group will be chaired by Pascal Lamy, the former Director-General for the World Trade Organisation and will be made up of CEO’s and Executives from 19 telecoms operators, Broadcasters and industry groups. TeliaSonera will be represented by Tommy Ljunggren our Vice President of System Development.

“We are of course very honoured to be in this working group to form the long term strategy for the UHF frequency band for Europe. For TeliaSonera it is very important that we move quickly in the 700 MHz allocation for Mobile Broadband to be able to meet the vision of good Internet access to all citizens in our countries.”

The UHF spectrum band which runs from 470-790 MHz is currently mainly used for broadcast services but as demand for mobile broadband solutions grows and the viewing habits of consumer’s change to new services, it is vital to address how this public good is utilised most effectively for the benefit of citizens across the continent. The growth in demand for broadband services puts increasing pressure on our infrastructure and long term solutions such as using the 700MHz band for mobile broadband need to be sought and agreed upon quickly to allow the long process of transition to Mobile services to begin.

“In the sparsely populated areas in the Nordic and Baltics the only viable solution to provide fast, reliable broadband coverage is through mobile broadband. Long term it is important that we form a good basis for an efficient usage of all spectrum in Europe. While doing so we need to take into account the development of the society and how to best serve the needs of the citizens for communication as well as for other purposes.”

Vice-President Kroes states “…The rules need to catch-up in a way that delivers more and better television and more and better broadband. Current spectrum assignments won’t support consumer habits of the future – based on huge amounts of audiovisual consumption through broadband and IPTV.”

TeliaSonera is committed to being an active and constructive participant in the work of this important group and we hope that within the 6 month mandate, the group can make significant progress for the benefit or all players and more importantly, our customers.

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