4G broadcast of match race in sailing

The Swedish Sailing Federation wants to attract more spectators to sailing, and has found a perfect solution to do so using 4G.

The difficulty when watching sailing races is that it is hard for spectators to get an overview of what is going on. Unless the weather is perfect and the race happens to be close by, the only spectators are generally true enthusiasts. The main event of the year is the “Masters of the Masters” competition held in October each year in southern Sweden.

Besides some locals, the only spectators are generally families and friends of the competitors, even though the competition can boast of top international crews that have competed in the America’s Cup and Volvo Ocean Race and even won the Olympics.

Since last year, the event has been broadcast over the Internet using 4G, which gives a totally new view of the events. Every boat is equipped with a video camera and a 4G connection, another boat with 4G and a camera follows, and there are two or three cameras on land.

With a minimal crew, a close to full-scale production is produced where spectators can follow the event close up, and listen to experienced commentators talk about every strategic move taking place during the races. This has resulted in more spectators than ever before, and raises awareness and enhances the thrill of match racing.

The set-up can more or less be applied to any event where it is hard for spectators to obtain an overview, thus creating a game changer for the sport or whatever the event is promoting.