4G turns 5 years – The economic benefits of 4G

Between SEK 11 billion and SEK 14 billion. That’s 4G’s cumulative GDP impact in Sweden to date according to a new report presented at the TeliaSonera Ericsson 4G birthday seminar.

The report “The benefits of 4G: Sweden and Estonia – European leaders in 4G” is written by economists Alf Vanags and Lauris Grāvelis at Baltic International Centre for Economic Policy Studies in Riga, Latvia.

The report addresses the development of 4G in Sweden and Estonia, and how 4G has  generated benefits to economy and society, including:

  • The macroeconomic and employment gains of 4G roll-out investments
  •  Long run productivity gains
  •  Wider social impacts

But despite five years with 4G, the authors conclude that

“These effects are the tip of the iceberg. The evidence is that while the growth of fixed broadband is slowing mobile broadband is rocketing in areas where 3G or 4G is available. Arguably, we are today only at the beginning of a revolution in which fast mobile broadband is in the process of overtaking if not replacing fixed broadband in the way that mobile voice telephony has been crowding out fixed line.”

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