Cell phones a key to a decent life

The work situation in rural Nepal is not easy for the non-educated. More than 39,000 individuals leave Nepal each month to find jobs in other countries. Bhola Gautam is a typical man from the Ramechap area in Nepal. He moved to Kathmandu to attend high school and to earn a living, but he had difficulty finding a regular job.

The only job he could get in Kathmandu was as a porter carrying loads of merchandise to shops, but only on an irregular basis since he had to walk to each shop and ask for assignments. Eventually he bought a mobile subscription, and the task of staying in contact with his customers became a lot easier.

This turned his life situation around totally. Within a short amount of time, he was able to increase his income tenfold by using his cell phone. The result is that he can afford to buy his own house and some land to grown his own vegetables. His three children can go to school, and now his wife has her own cell phone so they can more easily stay in contact with relatives and friends.