Fiber encourages young people to stay and start businesses

The rural parts of Sweden get abandoned by young people in favor for more attractive jobs  and the access to services in the cities. But in Revsund, a village in the north of Sweden, Ulla-Märta Svensson tries to stop this trend.

Ulla-Märta Svensson initiated and set up a fiber network in her village. Her belief is that by having a high speed connection, the villagers gain access to services that are normally only available in urban environments. Businesses can start up and have the same access as if they were located in cities.

The strategy is turning out to be a game changer for the village. Revsund is thriving with small businesses, like a car shop, a microbrewery and a music studio.  Also, families from Central Europe, Germany and the Netherlands are moving in, escaping a hectic, urban life. One of their main reasons for moving to this village is the access to fiber, which enables a more high-quality life while maintaining access to services over the Internet.