Government surveillance disclosed for seven countries

The second TeliaSonera Transparency Report discloses authority requests regarding customer information and data traffic in seven of TeliaSonera’s markets. That is five more countries than in the last report.
New to this report is statistics on the number of requests received from authorities in Denmark, Estonia, Nepal, Norway and Spain.

‘By doing this we want to contribute to a transparent world where customer privacy and freedom of expression is prioritized. Our aim is to nurse a meaningful discussion about what the proper limits of government surveillance powers are’, says Patrik Hiselius, Senior Advisor, Digital Rights at Group Communications.

More information disclosed than before
TeliaSonera also publishes aggregated information on ‘major events’: Requests with potentially serious impacts on freedom of expression in telecommunications, such as new surveillance powers by national security authorities, shutting-down of networks or the blocking or restriction of access to telecom services, networks or content. In these cases the TeliaSonera policy demands that we take measures to protect our customers’ rights to the highest possible extent within the limits of the law.

New to this report is also a list of the various national legislations allowing governments to access communication without sending requests to the company, i.e. real-time access and signals intelligence without requesting the operator. Under such legislation, TeliaSonera has no insight into the extent of surveillance and cannot provide any statistics. What TeliaSonera can do is to publish the relevant sections of the law, to make regulations known to our customers and support an informed public debate.

The next Transparency Report will be published in August 2015.

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Transparency Report 2015


About the Transparency Report
The Transparency Report is updated twice a year and the aim is to add statistics for even more countries in the coming reports. The goal is to publish information from all TeliaSonera operations where transparency is practically possible and legally permitted.

Data provided by TeliaSonera to the authorities for special reasons is specified by law such as enforcing criminal law and safeguarding national security. TeliaSonera also provides assistance to emergency services in response to life threatening situations and emergency calls.