Mobile payment now available in Kazakhstan

Mobile payment is an important step for Kazakhstan because it offers small and medium businesses a solution that will significantly improve their sales and turnover. TeliaSonera’s subsidiary Kcell is the first operator to offer mobile payment terminals in Kazakhstan and the service is available wherever there is mobile coverage.

Many business owners are already prepared to accept bank cards payment for their goods or services and can now use a method for credit card payment that will work well.

“We are confident that our product will provide entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan with a solution that will make their business more mobile, and the goods and services more affordable for their clients",  said Ali Agan, CEO of Kcell . “This is also a very important development for the company, which opens for Kcell the new market of mobile financial services with new opportunities for our business”, he continues.

“In the past, when we offered additional services to our customers, they would say they'd surely love to, but didn’t have enough cash and there was no ATM around. Now, that I have a K-Pay mobile terminal, I will not miss out on chances to earn extra income”, says Alexandra Krenz, owner of a beauty parlour in Almaty and the first client of the K-Pay project.

Accepts VISA & MasterCard
The K-Pay terminal works in all regions where Kcell mobile network is available and can also be used over WLAN. Kazkommertsbank has become Kcell’s partner for the service, which accepts VISA and MasterCard.

A secure solution
Transactions through the mobile terminals from Kcell provide maximum security for cardholders. The system does not store any data on payments, and during each payment information is encrypted and transmitted to the international payment system through the bank. Devices accept cards VISA and MasterCard both with chip and magnetic stripe, of any Kazakhstan or international bank.

iOS and Android phones
The mobile terminal is a compact card reader that connects to smartphones based on iOS or Android, and works through the free app K-Pay, available on the AppStore or Play Market. The terminal connects to the phone via a headphone port and has an optional bracket for more stable fixation.

Dynamic growth of cashles
Cashless payments via bank cards in Kazakhstan have a dynamic growth. As of December 1, 2013 banks issued 15.1 million payment cards, and the number of holders exceeded 13.4 million people. The major share of non-cash payments in 2013 was made through POS-terminals and ATMs. As of the end of 2013 the numbers of POS-terminals installed by entrepreneurs were increased by 46.8%, reaching 40,117 units. Also the number of outlets where POS-terminals installed has been increased significantly by 58%, and as of the end 2013 there were 33 709 units.

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