Plotting the Course for the Future - TeliaSonera Joins Forces with Europe’s Leading Telecoms Companies

Today ten European telecommunication companies are launching the “Make the Net Work”-initiative. The industry’s intention is to speak with one voice and to engage in a positive partnership with Europe’s institutions.

The participating companies are committed to maintaining an open Internet and to treating providers of similar content and services in a non-discriminatory manner. They are also committed to providing a range of services at different levels of quality and price, in order for all sectors of European industry and consumers to maximize the commercial and social opportunities from advanced services, and provide affordable Internet services for consumers to help eliminate the digital divide.

“We are really pleased to see that our peers agree with the TeliaSonera way of doing business; committing to openness and fairness when it comes to the different services that we carry on our networks. That’s a cornerstone of making sure that our customers continue to get the world class connectivity and access to the content and services that they are used to today and will want from us and others in the future.” says Johan Dennelind, CEO TeliaSonera

The initiative also states a commitment to protecting the customers’ privacy and security, providing the best possible safeguard to European customers, assets and information of European enterprises. The signing companies point to the industry’s contribution and that the level of ambition to foster a truly digital Europe and that these are taken into account when shaping policies and regulations. The telecom industry is in favour of a regulatory and policy environment that promotes the significant capital investments planned by the industry.

Beside TeliaSonera also Telenor, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Alcatel-Lucent, Orange, Telefonica,Telecom Italia, Ericsson and Liberty Global are partners in the “Make the Net Work”-initiative

The ten companies plans to invest more than €150 billion over the next five years including at least €5 billion per year in cutting-edge research and development

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