TeliaSonera presented transparency ambitions at UN-conference

During United Nations’ ninth Internet Governance Forum TeliaSonera presented our ongoing work on transparency reporting. This is one way for TeliaSonera to promote privacy and human rights.

Last week 3,000 participants representing governments, non-governmental organizations, companies and regulators, met in Istanbul, Turkey, to discuss developments within Internet communication. One of the forums main focus areas was to discuss human rights online, such as freedom of expression and right to privacy.

TeliaSonera was represented by Patrik Hiselius, who participated in one of the panel discussions; presenting TeliaSonera’s newly published Transparency Report. In this first report TeliaSonera has compiled requests from the Finnish and Swedish governments regarding surveillance and data monitoring. Already in January TeliaSonera will launch its second Transparency Report that is to include Estonia, Denmark, Nepal, Norway and Spain as well. The long term ambition is to report on every country were TeliaSonera operates, as far as local law permits.

 “While Governments have a duty to protect human rights, companies have a duty to respect these rights. TeliaSonera strongly recommends every government to present, in a transparent way, to what extent they listen to private communications. We, as a private company, can honor transparency by publishing such reports as well”, says Patrik Hiselius.

The venue for all internet stakeholders
Internet Governance Forum gathers wide spectra of non-governmental organizations such as the Global Network Initiative and Freedom House but also academics, private sector participants such as TeliaSonera and Google, government representatives, international organizations like the European Union, UNESCO and the Internet Society, or tech-specialists.

Patrik Hiselius also represented the Industry Dialogue (Telecommunications Industry Dialogue on Freedom of Expression and Privacy) at the conference.  

 “The forum and all the surrounding meetings provide opportunities to build coalitions for better leverage in our joint work promoting freedom of expression and privacy in the ICT sector. It´s very important for TeliaSonera and the Industry Dialogue to participate”, says Patrik Hiselius.

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This is Internet Governance Forum

 The Internet Governance Forum is an open forum which has no members. It was established by the World Summit on the Information Society in 2006. Since then, it has become the leading global multi-stakeholder forum on public policy issues related to Internet governance.

Its UN mandate gives it convening power and the authority to serve as a neutral space for all actors on an equal footing. As a space for dialogue it can identify issues to be addressed by the international community and shape decisions that will be taken in other forums. The IGF can thereby be useful in shaping the international agenda and in preparing the ground for negotiations and decision-making in other institutions. The IGF has no power of redistribution, and yet it has the power of recognition – the power to identify key issues.