Earthquake i Nepal, update 2015-04-27

Saturday morning, CET, Nepal was hit by a major earthquake in the area between Kathmandu and Pokhara. Telia Sonera's operator Ncell has 515 employees in the country. As of Monday morning all employees have been located and are under circumstances well.

Ncell's Crisis Management Team continues its work to ensure that the mobile network continues to work as well as possible given the difficult situation. The highest priority is of course to give all employees the best possible support and to keep the mobile network working as good as possible for further rescue operations.

TeliaSonera's Group Crisis Team is also activated and has a dialogue with relevant stakeholders.

Most of Ncell's mobile network in Nepal is working, although overloaded with several hundred sites reported having power supply problems. This of course leads to congested networks and Ncell therefore urges everyone to communicate by SMS (text messaging) in order to use less capacity in the network.

To ensure that our customers can communicate with family and friends, Ncell credit SIM cards with an amount sufficient to make necessary calls. We also provide our customers with 50 free SMS, as a first action. We are constantly reviewing if we can do more but we also need to take into account not to congest already overloaded networks. Calls and SMS between other parts of TeliaSonera (Sweden, Finland, Denmark) and Nepal are free of charge. Monday morning at 5 am an aircraft chartered by TeliaSonera left Stockholm for Kathmandu. On board are experts/organizers to support Ncell team working on keeping the network up. Also a medical advisor joins the aircraft. The aircraft also contains

  • Tents
  • Blankets
  • Medical supplies
  • Extension cords and adapters
  • Water purifying products
  • Food
  • Sanitation items

To be updated when more information is available