Helene Barnekow about the new TeliaSonera

How do we explain what a New Generation Telco means to our customers? Helene Barnekow, Chief Commercial Officer, put the customer in focus as she explains our strategy at the Swedish yearly industry event “Telekomgalan”. The focus is that customer behavior is changing fast and we invest to make sure we can provide services in accordance to their needs.

The world has changed dramatically during the last years. The internet traffic in TeliaSonera International Carrier’s networks has grown by 20.000 % since year 1998. It’s a number hard to grasp. The picture of two cars is quite funny to illustrate how Telia in Sweden have changed together with the rest of the world. Back in the 70’ies we were known by the orange service cars stating “TELE” on the side. Today we are the ones providing connectivity and services to modern people driving a Tesla, a high-performance electric sports car.

Streamed media drives data traffic
The growth continues as customer behavior continues to change. Today more than half of the fixed data traffic during peak hours is streamed media. In Sweden we invest heavily in fiber to meet these demands. Currently we install fiber to four one-family-houses each hour! Total mobile data traffic increase by 75% year-over-year, to a large part driven by usage of YouTube, Netflix, Facebook. We invest heavily in 4G in many of our countries to meet these demands. In Norway we have so far reached population coverage of 70%, building out rapidly for the target of 98%. In Sweden current population coverage is 99% and we are even aiming for a geographical coverage of 90%. The smaller Estonia is already well covered and other countries are following as customer demands grow.

“The customer drives and put ever higher demands on us. They are not interested in technology or various forms of access. They want to be constantly connected, it should be easy, and they should not have to think about how they connect. One stop shopping, One invoice, One interface. They also want a service provider who knows them and can offer new services, new innovations - on their terms. That’s where we as a new generation telco comes in”, says Hélène Barnekow, Chief Commercial Officer.

Convergence has started
In Europe convergence has started to happen. The market impact has been extremely clear the last 12 months. Once converged offers are launched the whole dynamic of the market has changed. Example from France shows that 63% of the customers select one supplier, and the first mover advantage is big. In five of seven of the Nordic and Baltic markets, TeliaSonera can offer everything to the customer, from an excellent movie experience in the home cinema to online road information in the car. We will also work with “soft attributes” like access to premium customer service, device renewal, TV channel packages and more, to become really good in the convergence field.

“It is amazing to think about what we have in front of us in 2015. I see a clear fusion of customer and technology innovation”, says Hélène Barnekow, “with fiber fever, 4G coming to the next lever, the e-health advent, convergence taking off, M2M goes IoT and streaming beaming. Being in the lead of this will take us a step towards becoming the new generation telco”

We will take TeliaSonera to the next level in the face of a rapidly changing market environment which offers a multitude of possibilities bundled with challenges.
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