Mandatory distribution of SMS's in Nepal

In December 2013, TeliaSonera adopted a Group Policy on Freedom of Expression in Telecommunications, available here. The Policy describes, amongst other, our commitments in relation to mandatory communications issued by government authorities

In Nepal,  all operators received a request to distribute daily SMS’s from the Secretariat of Constitution Assembly from 18th July to the 21st July 2015, calling Nepalese citizens to visit their nearest electoral constituencies to provide feedback on the first draft of change of the constitution.

The messages sent by the Secretariat of Constitution Assembly reads: “Please visit your nearest electoral constituencies on Shrawan 4 & 5 for providing feedback on first draft of constitution in person or through other medium. – Secretariat of Constitution Assembly.”

The duty for all operators to send these messages in Nepal are outside of normal commercial activities, falling under the obligation for informational support provided to the population, connected to socially major events, such as; natural disasters emergency, annual individual tax declarations, personal safety on the roads, and /or elections.

The Policy of TeliaSonera is not to engage in the politics of the countries in which we operate. We do not comment on politics or make political statements when representing our company. However, TeliaSonera does engage in dialogue regarding requests from authorities that are in line with country societal expectations of different stakeholders and that affect our business and customers of companies in which we have ownership interests.