Ncell moves into a bigger HQ building

The situation for Ncell's employees and its operations in Nepal has improved further during the weekend. A nurse has arrived to strengthen the medical team. In the coming days, Ncell will move into a new HQ in Kathmandu.

Until now, Ncell's temporary HQ has been situated in Ekantakuna, which is the main technology site in Kathmandau. But a better and more permanent HQ is needed, and this weekend the team has prepared a new office building with fiber and wifi. The building, which is situated rather close to Ekantakuna, has room for 300 employees.

The medical center in Kathmandu has attended to its first patients with minor injuries. It is open daily in the afternoon. The current doctor will be replaced on Monday. A nurse, who arrived in Kathmandu on Sunday, will strengthen the capabilities for home visits with short notice. The medical team also has the capacity to treat infections and - if necessary - cholera.

“I think it is safe to say that the most acute phase of the rescue and relief operation is over. Now, we must focus on how we should take our engagement to the next level and how we can continue to support Ncell - and Nepal – in the best way possible”, says Björn Strid, security advisor in TeliaSonera.

Björn Strid accompanied the first shipment from Stockholm, which arrived in Kathmandu a week ago.

“It is good to see that life gradually is getting back to normal in Kathmandu. Shops are open again and goods which were of short supply, such as water and gasoline, are now coming into Nepal from India”, says Björn Strid.

The improvement of Ncell's mobile network continues. Ncell has repaired more sites and has used mobile sites to improve coverage. 95 percent of the network is now running.

Emergency base station

Temporary base station

Water distribution
Water distribution