Network expansion with unprecedented speed in Norway

The capacity expansions and network modernization related to the Tele2 acquisition in Norway is an inspiring achievement in the field of network upgrades and roll-out.

Supplying fast, superb services to customers
With the considerable expansion of capacity and quality in the mobile 3G and 4G networks, TeliaSonera is clearly taking the lead in the Norwegian mobile market. The migration of the new Tele2 customers is also successfully ongoing at good pace. 

This has been extremely carefully planned to make sure to cause a minimum (if any) customer distractions and breakages while making the transfers between different systems and networks.

“Main competitor Telenor is also making network expansions, but we move at double speed”, says Jon Christian Hillestad. “The acquisition of Tele2 considerably increases our market share compared with Telenor, which makes it even more important to supply superb services to the customers. The aim is to create the fastest network and to increase population coverage considerably.

10 sites per day
“We have increased the speed with 80% from the start and we delivered 1006 sites during 2014, which makes around 50 – 60 sites per week, or around 10 per day”, says Jon Christian. Only in January and February additional 69 Norwegian municipals will get 4G.

98 percent coverage by 2016
The pace is still speeding up and we will cover 90% of the population with 4G already this summer. We will continue at full pace with new coverage to deliver 3G/4G to 98% of the population already 2016. This is two years earlier than what we have promised the Norwegian Authority in connection with the 800 Mhz frequency auction.

“This will definitely make a difference for our customers who will for sure have the fastest network with the best capacity and quality in Norway”, says Jon Christian Hillestad.

4G coverage Key milestones