Rapid improvements of Ncell's Mobile network

Ncell's mobile network in Nepal is steadily improving. One week after the earthquake, several hundred sites have been repaired and more than 90 percent of the network runs normally. On Sunday, much needed building inspectors will arrive in Kathmandu

The function in Ncell's mobile network, the biggest in Nepal with more than 2 600 sites, is rapidly improving. In total 165 sites are out of order, compared to 365 on Thursday. The first days after the earthquake 700 to 800 sites were reported to malfunction. More than 90 percent of the network in Nepal now works.

As we reported earlier, there is a short supply of building inspectors who can assess damages on buildings and infrastructure. But on Sunday, two bildning inspectors from Sweden will join the rescue and relief team in Kathmandu. They will help out with assessments of Ncell's and other buildings. TeliaSonera cooperates with Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB, and has received valuable support by MSB's building inspector.

The newbuilt medical center in Ekantakuna, base for Ncell and TeliaSonera's rescue team, has attended to its first patients. The medical center is mainly open for Ncell's employees and their relatives. A nurse will join the team. The nurse can visit families in their homes while the doctor can focus on attending to patients in Ekantakuna.

The most acute phase of TeliaSonera's and Ncell's joint rescue and relief operation is slowly coming to an end. The teams will now continue their work to solve the medium to longterm challanges which Ncell faces in Nepal.