Superior customer experience by high quality connectivity

The world is changing faster and faster. What was the truth 5 years ago is no longer valid and people have new behaviours and new demands. During Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, TeliaSonera introduced ground-breaking news around the eHealth area as well as Internet-of-Things. All enabled by our mobile networks.

TeliaSonera pioneered by launching 4G 5 years ago. Back then we could not have foreseen the fantastic development that the mobile lifestyle has taken. 
“We now have 4G in 12 markets and we can now see that 4G traffic exceeds 3G in our networks. Almost 60 % of what our customers in Sweden are using is 4G traffic. A point that we reached in October and we can see that our other markets are following the same trends,” says Allan Kock, Head of Radio Access Network at TeliaSonera.  
“We can also see that it is first of all the customer behaviour, availability of 4G devices and new services demanding higher bandwidth that gets the mobile 4G data traffic to increase. For example, the usage of data sky rocketed when streaming services such as for example Netflix were introduced on the market.” 
The future of mobile networks lies within enriching the customers experience by superior connectivity. TeliaSonera is taking the step into the telecom cloud with virtualization of its underlying infrastructure enabling new types of mobile communication services, like Voice over LTE, Video Calling and instant messaging. These services can significantly improve the customers’ experience of making mobile voice calls, surfing and video streaming with higher quality.
“Connectivity is such a big part of our daily lives and something we expect anywhere and anytime. We are used to connecting people and now we are connecting things and societies,” says Allan Kock. “We will see an even more drastic development in the connected lifestyle and demand of connectivity when connecting new industries like the healthcare and also with the whole Internet-of-Things revolution ahead,” ends Allan Kock.

Linda Timsäter