Telia Sweden – Star Brand of the year

Telia reinforced their brand the most - compared to all other leading brands in Sweden. Based on this achievement Telia is pointed out as “Star Brand of the Year”.

According to the Brand Index, which is the platform for the ranking – the general impression of Telia was doubled from Index-score 10,6 to 22,4. The reputation has increased from minus to plus and quality is the strongest of Telias parameters. The customer satisfaction also increased during 2014.
-For us at Telia the customer experience is crucial – and a competency we continuously work hard to improve. Last year Telia also achieved to hold “the most satisfied customers” according to SKI, says Thomas Sparrmo, Head of Marketing, Telia Sweden.
-We have a clear customer driven strategy - lining out how we need to develop our cooperation in the future and what we need to accomplish in our market communication to improve our brand on a continuous basis.

Thomas Sparrmo points out a number of other reasons why Telias brand has strengthened. Among other things – winning the customers heart - is very much about how you meet and treat the customers in the sales channels. One example is that the end2end customer journey from sale to deliverance of our fibre accesses to villas has improved significantly. The consumers also likes the new possibility of testing Telias services during 30 days – returning everything if they are not 100 per cent satisfied.