TeliaSonera 2014 sustainability report released

In the combined Annual and Sustainability Report, TeliaSonera reports on its progress of improving ethical business practices and developing a broader sustainability approach. The report highlights good progress, but also challenges where more work is needed.

As a telecom operator present in challenging markets, TeliaSonera plays an important role in societal development. However, risks related to ethical business practices can be harmful to the company and to society. TeliaSonera strives to have a positive impact on society by managing ethical and other risks, developing services that enable digital inclusion and being fully transparent.

Highlights and achievements during the year include:

  • Implementation of a whistle-blowing channel, including training and the setup of a new Special Investigations Office responsible for managing whistle-blowing cases. Over 60 investigations based on reports were launched, and some led to disciplinary actions, dismissals and criminal investigations.
  • Face to face anti-corruption training delivered to over 5,500 employees in “high risk” markets or functions.
  • The new Risk & Compliance function in Group Procurement developed a sustainability risk assessment and supplier evaluation model, and performed 14 site audits. The revised Supplier Code of Conduct was approved in February 2015.
  • Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) audits were carried out in all local companies, and action plans were developed to eliminate gaps against the OHS policy.
  • The first “Transparency Report”, which covers national authorities’ collection of customer data, and relevant legislation, was launched.
  • Work on defining a new sustainability strategy based on shared value creation was initiated, with input coming from the materiality review.

The 2014 sustainability report, which is combined with the annual report, is prepared according to GRI G4 guidelines, “In Accordance – Core”. The report is externally assured by Deloitte.

TeliaSonera welcomes feedback, questions or comments about its sustainability work and reporting at sustainability-group (at)
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The report in its entirety can be found here