TeliaSonera is not a long-term owner in Region Eurasia

TeliaSonera will increase focus on its Regions Europe and Sweden within the strategy of creating the new TeliaSonera. A process has been initiated in order to reduce the presence in Region Eurasia and over time fully leave.

TeliaSonera has since 2013 had great focus on taking Eurasia to the next level. Substantial improvements have been made in areas such as corporate governance and sustainability. It is our belief that it is possible to do business in Eurasia which are both profitable and sustainable – but it is important to enter markets in a correct way.

“Thanks to two years of hard work to improve the Eurasian operations, not least from a corporate governance and sustainability perspective, we now have better and more well-managed companies which we believe others can successfully develop further,” says TeliaSonera’s President and CEO Johan Dennelind.

“We realise that this will be a complex task that will take time. We are conducting this process market by market as each country and operation has its unique situation, but the ambition is to eventually leave the entire region,” says Johan Dennelind.

In the rapid change in the telecommunications market, the management and Board have decided to focus time and resources on developing the operations in the Regions Europe and Sweden, in line with the strategy.

“The Board of Directors has thoroughly examined what is best for our shareholders, operations, employees and customers. We have initiated a process to reduce TeliaSonera’s presence in Region Eurasia in order to effectively execute on our strategy. It is very positive that TeliaSonera’s focused work to improve sustainability has enabled the next step in the reshaping of TeliaSonera,” says TeliaSonera’s Chair of the Board, Marie Ehrling.

Going forward TeliaSonera will focus on core areas such as connectivity and convergence – while supplementing with new initiatives in areas that complement, and strengthen, the core business in Regions Europe and Sweden.

The process to reduce presence in Region Eurasia has started, however, at this stage it is not possible to estimate how long this will take. At the same time the shaping of new TeliaSonera is well under way. Meanwhile, TeliaSonera will continue to operate and develop the Eurasian operations in a sustainable and responsible way.

Today’s announcement refers to region Eurasia, i.e Nepal, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Tajikistan.