The Norwegian Tele2 merger completed with success

Nearly 300.000 mobile Tele2-customers have accepted the offer to become NetCom-subscribers in six months. On November 20 Tele2 officially shut down as a brand in the Norwegian mobile market.

In February, the merger between TeliaSonera and Tele2 was approved by the Norwegian competition authorities and the Tele2 brand was to be closed down before the end of 2015. Only two months later, the first Tele2-customers became NetCom subscribers and the rest were transferred before the end of November.
- This project has been incredibly ambitious and complex and I am very pleased with the result. The former Tele2 customers can now surf at high speed and enjoy our top notch mobile network with its 95 percent 4G coverage, says Abraham Foss, CEO of TeliaSonera Norway.
Positive customer experience was focus
A thorough work was done to give all former Tele2 customers a similar or better offer and a positive and easy experience of the relocation. They only had to approve the transfer to Netcom and switch their SIM-card at a specific time, which 93 percent did within two weeks after the transfer. Also, the customers received support regardless of channel - on the phone, in an online chat, at NetCom or Tele2’s FAQ sites or through videos on the Internet. 
-  Our customers have been positive during this process, but I completely understand that some of them have chosen other brands. Luckily, most of them chose other brands within TeliaSonera, such as OneCall and Chess, so at least they are within our company, says Løvstad, head of NetCom Private.

Excellent cooperation is key
Not only private customers have transferred to NetCom. 20.000 business subscribers have successfully gone through the same processes, but with a few adjustments, especially on the communications part.

- Based on the starting point for the customer base, I am very pleased with the job we have done throughout this project. Without the excellent cooperation across all departments and divisions, on such a tight schedule, this transfer would never have turned out as well as it did, says Kristian Renaas, head of NetCom Business.