Telia Company calls upon companies to start detecting online Child Sexual Abuse Material

​According to statistics from NetClean one in every thousand employee uses a work computer to watch online material of children being abused. If companies start looking for it and cooperate with the police, the perpetrators who otherwise would go under the radar, can be caught.

On Wednesday, 26 October, Telia Company hosted the sustainability network for Swedish state-owned companies. Anna Augustson who works with Sustainability Strategy at Telia Company, presented the company’s work against sexual abuse of children.

“Many of those who watch children being sexually abused online are perpetrators themselves, often assaulting children close to them. Companies can work in a structured way and in cooperation with the police to prevent new assaults. I would say it is a moral duty to act if you can”, says Augustson.

At Telia Company abusive content involving children is detected on all the company’s computers. If a picture or film is detected the police is the first to be contacted.

“We report to the police, because if we inform the employee of the finding and just terminate the working contract, we do not take responsibility for the children. The police needs to conduct a full investigation that can save children in several stages”, says Augustson.

Even approaching a suspected coworker gives that person a chance to cover-up evidence and complicate a further investigation.

“I think all companies should install this type of software just as they install virus programs. By working with these issues in a structured way, companies can prevent awful actions towards children. Telia Company is more than willing to support those who want to engage in the fight against sexual abuse of children. Reaching out to state-owned enterprises is a first step”, says Augustson.