Telia Sense is joined by Car inspector Bilprovningen

Connected car solution Telia Sense was presented in 2015 in cooperation with insurance company Folksam and car retailer Bilia. Now car owners will be able to get notifications about mainentance, thanks to a new cooperation with Swedish car inspector ”Bilprovningen”.

"We at Telia are thrilled that Bilprovningen now joins the service Telia Sense. Bilprovningen has a very strong brand and a renowned car knowledge through their long experience and over 200 million inspected cars," says Hans Dahlberg, Global Manager Telia Company IoT.

With Telia Sense, Bilprovningen will be able to notify about car maintenance and offer the possibility to book apointments from the notifications. The car owner will also receive other relevant information about the car.

"The cooperation with Telia takes us further forward in improving the service to our customers. We consider this as the first step in an exciting cooperation, where we use the possibilities of digitalization and simplify the lives of our customers," says Maria Sandström Anderson at Bilprovningen.

Telia´s connected car solution Telia Sense makes it easier to check the health of the car, get traffic information and offers from suppliers joined to the service. Telia Sense consists of a hardware to put in the car, an app and a cloud service. Most cars from 2001 and diesel cars from 2004 will be able to use Telia Sense.

As the only operator in the world, Telia in Sweden can offer a connected car solution. Telia Sense enables owners of old and new cars to connect the car to wifi and get access to the same smart services as in today´s premium cars. Not only is it easier to check the health of the car – car owners can also get offers from suppliers joined to the service, such as maintenance, car diagnosis and insurance services.

"This adds value for car owners, drivers, passagners as well as suppliers who join this platform. This creates a whole new eco-system for IoT-services. We see huge potential and many different ways of using Telia Sense together with our partners," says Hans Dahlberg.