Division X to accelerate innovation

The new division X will speed up Telia Company’s activities in emerging business areas. “Innovation is all about execution. X will focus on capturing and developing close to the core growth opportunities and new revenue streams,” says Brendan Ives, Head of X.

Division X, earlier referred to as New Ventures, is tasked with spearheading and accelerating Telia Company’s activities in emerging business areas such as Cloud, IoT and eHealth. In addition Purple+ will continue to play an important role in the overall innovation agenda.

Brendan Ives, Head of X, says: “It is also important to stress that strong collaboration with Global Services & Operations and the country organizations is a guiding principle. Excelling in this area will be critical to our success.”

Why X?
“X symbolizes many things including exploration, growth and collaboration.”
Ives explains the necessity of a new division within Telia Company. “In order to become a new generation telco we need to move the needle in emerging business areas. This will require extreme focus and speed of execution that we feel can only be achieved within a separate division.”

What is innovation to you?
“Innovation is all about execution. Taking an idea and converting it into a successful business.”