Foot on the accelerator – full focus on innovation

Innovation is the key to future success for Telia Company which is now accelerating its efforts to find innovative partnerships. One way to identify possibilities is to co-host start-up events and hackathons.

Sthlm Tech Fest recently hosted 6,000 tech entrepreneurs from more than 20 countries who met with investors, designers and journalists. Telia Company sponsors the event and together with Ericsson hosted a one hour "The Future of Tech" session.

Garage hackathon
In Estonia Telia runs VUNK startup labs which is an entry-point for B2B and B2C start-ups who are seeking partners to improve their offering and get access to the market.

One of the program’s main events is the VUNK Garage48 Hackathon which this year attracted a record number of people.

Telia Hub
In Lithuania several events for start-ups were organised during the summer. The events were co-hosted by Telia’s subsidiary Teo together with the Infobalt association.

In March 2017 Telia Hub in Vilnius Tech Park will open. It will be a hub for startups and other businesses engaged in the ICT (Information and communications technology) industry in Lithuania. The initiative aims at gathering tech start-ups, businesses, investors, accelerators, businessmen and members of the creative industries under one roof.

Jump Denmark
In Denmark Telia is running the Jump program which aims at strengthening Denmark's drive for innovation by giving entrepreneurs the final push needed for their idea to make the jump concept to start-up.

Jump is run by Telia in collaboration with Startup Wise Guys.

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