Game of Thrones premiere boosts Danish data demand

Monday's premiere...

Monday's Game of Thrones premiere really made its mark in Telia Denmark's network. The season's first episode was released at 03.00 AM which led traffic to explode -  volumes were 3.5 times higher compared to last Monday. By prime time, traffic to and from HBO was 200% higher than last week.

The first episode of the long-awaited sixth season of the successful series Game of Thrones premiered early Monday morning at 03:00 CET on HBO. The struggle for power and the iron throne of Westeros' seven kingdoms did not go unnoticed.

HBO data traffic in Telia's network April 25 vs April 18 (percent)

- Game of Thrones is one of the most popular series on HBO, and there are many customers who specifically mention this when they come to our stores and choose services for their subscriptions. We see from data volumes that there are dedicated fans out there who stay awake to watch the new episode immediately when it is released, says Christoph Nørgaard, Head of Consumer, Telia Denmark.

The total amount of data traffic to and from HBO in Telia's mobile network also increased by 114% compared to last Monday

HBO data traffic (volume) April 25 vs April 18

- Normally we see a peak around 20.00 when parents have put their kids to bed and get in front of the TV or tablet to enjoy a series or a film. But yesterday clearly stands out as we saw twice as much HBO traffic in our network more or less the whole day, says Christoph Nørgaard.

All figures are based on aggregated and anonymous data in Telia's network and is not possible to allocate or assign to individuals.