UN Internet Governance Forum - Telia Company at the table

The Internet Governance Forum is the leading global multi-stakeholder forum on public policy issues related to internet governance. Telia Company is at the table to contribute with its experience on human rights challenges and to build leverage - joint efforts - to support human rights for its users.

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF), with a UN mandate, serves as a neutral space for all actors to meet on an equal footing.
Patrik Hiselius, Senior Advisor Digital Rights at Telia Company, participated in the IGF and says: ”Our telecommunications services and networks are for the better, they contribute to more open societies and possibilities to communicate and share information. But there are challenges, such as overbroad surveillance and privacy risks. We need to build leverage to address those challenges.”

100 workshops
The yearly IGF this time took place in Guadalajara, Mexico, and gathered over 1.000 participants from governments, businesses, civil society and academics - and also remote participants.

Some years ago, the IGF predominantly addressed more technical aspects on such as domain names, IP-numbers and interconnection. Today, most of the roughly 100 workshops cover issues such as protection of children, customer privacy and freedom of expression.

Continued leverage
”I have participated in workshops on all from blockchain to sex and freedom of expression online, as well as Government Network Shutdowns," says Hiselius and continues: "As soon as I get back to Stockholm, we will continue building leverage. A next step will be to merge the industry initiative ’Telecoms Industry Dialogue on freedom of expression’ into a multi-stakeholder organisation, the ’Global Network Initiative’."

Further news about the merger into the Global Network Initiative will be published during the spring of 2017.

UN Internet Governance Forum