International start-up community in Sweden for Sthlm Tech Fest

Outside of Silicon Valley Stockholm is probably the world leader in fostering tech start-ups. On September 4-6 Sthlm Tech Fest will be held where 6.000 tech entrepreneurs from more than 20 countries will meet investors, designers and journalists.

Telia Company sponsors Sthlm Tech Fest and will together with Ericsson host a one hour “The Future of Tech” session on September 5.

Brendan Ives Head of Division X, a newly created division of Telia Company which focuses on emerging business opportunities such as IoT and eHealth, explains why Sthlm Tech Fest is an important event to sponsor. “What we recognise is that to become a new generation telco we can’t do everything ourselves. Succeeding in the internet eco system will be heavily dependent on embracing partners and excelling in the way we work with them. So Tech Fest for us is a really good opportunity to build awareness around where we are going and how we plan to get there. It is also a great opportunity to see and hear what everybody else is up to.”

Continue and accelerate
Ives carefully points out that co-operating with start-ups isn’t a new thing for Telia Company. “In the last 12 months we have met something like 500 companies and invested SEK 1.3 bilion in seven companies. So for us it’s not about doing something new, it’s about putting our foot on the pedal and doing a lot more of it.”

Global goals
This year Sthlm Tech Fest has added a second day to its program called Solutions where 6,000 tech entreprenuers and investors will join with leading policy makers, foundations and NGOs, in an event to showcase and inspire solutions to the UN Global Goals.

Solutions for cities
Telia Company’s President and CEO, Johan Dennelind, will attend Solutions and host the Solutions for Cities program.

Dennelind will be accompanied by Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister, Isabella Lövin, UN Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson together with a long list of tech celebrities, among them Spotify’s Daniel Ek, Niklas Zennström and Jonathan Oliver, Microsoft’s Global Head of Innovation.

Sthlm Tech Fest