IoT Symposium – the arena to connect

Northern Europe’s leading IoT event is growing. More than 400 people attended Telia Company’s IoT Symposium in Stockholm where key experts and industry leaders shared insights and expertise.

Hans Dahlberg, Head of IoT at Telia Company, was experiencing an early Christmas Eve on Monday 14 November.
Dahlberg was then hosting the IoT Living Connections Symposium in Stockholm.

All about collaboration
IoT (internet of things) is no longer a distant vision. For a growing number of companies, it is business as usual. The development entails a need for finding new ways of working and collaborating. “We created the IoT Symposium to bring industry experts and leaders together to gain insights and exchange knowledge and experiences. IoT is about collaboration and finding new partners. The IoT Symposium is an excellent opportunity for just that,” says Dahlberg.

Get a feel of Sense
During the IoT Symposium Telia Sense - a cloud based solution for the connected car – was showcased to Swedish media.

By using an app together with a piece of car hardware, owners of older cars can get access to smart services and features. Telia Sense comes with car control features, 4G wifi connectivity and partner services such as car inspection and maintenance, road assistance, insurance and repair services.

“Long term potential”
Journalist Sophia Nilsson who works for global media group IDG, will try Telia Sense for the next three months. “I believe Sense has a good long term potential. I’m sure that people will find the feature where they can lower their insurance cost by driving responsibly, appealing.”

Curious minds
During the full day program of the IoT Symposium visitors got to listen to tech celebrity Greg Brandeau who has worked for Maker Media, Walt Disney Studios and Pixar, and several other renowned speakers.

Hans Dahlberg was pleased with the sold out event. “This is the fifth year we arrange the IoT Symposium and it grows for every year. I sense a curiosity about our partnership strategy within IoT and we are gaining new and invaluable relationships with partners and end consumers today.”

Telia Sense

IoT Symposium