Norwegian cities become smarter thanks to Telia in Norway

Telia in Norway has launched the first in a series of pilots to help make Oslo a smarter city. Telia and Oslo City Bikes are partnering up to work for a more environmentally friendly and sustainable urban development. The first step is to give the residents of Oslo access to information on the capital’s air quality via sensors mounted on the cycle racks.

As part of the partnership, Telia will create a user interface where Oslo’s residents can go onto a website or app and see what air conditions are like at their current location or along the route they plan to take. The information obtained will be particularly valuable to vulnerable groups such as asthmatics and people with cardiovascular disease or lung ailments who will be able to avoid areas with bad air. Oslo municipality will also be able to use the information in its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

“Telia should be a digital facilitator in society, and we should aim to apply our technical skills in new ways. Our mobile network and the data that we are able to obtain via the 4G network can be used to create value and solve societal challenges. We want to do this in partnership with other great companies and businesses,” says Abraham Foss, CEO of Telia Norway.

Cooperating with Urban Infrastructure Partner (UIP), which operates Oslo City Bikes, is an example of what Telia in Norway calls IoT Powered by Telia, which is part of its new initiative Telia Next, an innovation hub for new business.

“Our society is increasingly digitalized and connected, and an important component of this future is smart cities and IoT,” says Foss. “Our ambition is to become the preferred partner for companies and businesses that will help create value with IoT, and we are impressed with the skills and ambitions of UIP. Telia has a lot to learn from others, and we are convinced that when people from different disciplines, sectors and industries meet and work together, we can develop tomorrow's solutions.”

Through IoT Powered by Telia, a platform is being built which provides tools, infrastructure and large amounts of data. The platform makes it easier for other businesses and enterprises to solve IoT needs, and Telia is actively seeking partnerships across industries and sectors to expand its network.

Telia and UIP will work together on more exciting projects down the line.