Norwegian students – mobile phones in hand

Eighty per cent of Norwegian university students use their mobile phones during classes. A recently performed survey shows that social media is the primary choice of use for the students.

Svein Henning Kirkeng, chief marketing officer Telia Norway comments the survey. “There’s hardly a student who doesn’t have a smartphone today and the fact that they have internet in their pockets all day long should also open for new opportunities for teachers. Technology has come a long way, and it's hard to believe that its potential in educational situations has been fully utilized. There are endless possibilities to be discovered and implemented.”

Interactive teaching
The survey which was recently performed by Yougov shows that 64 per cent of the students primarily use their phones for social media purposes during classes.
One out of two use their phones to chat with friends and 37 per cent use it for research purposes.
“With the world at your fingertips, you can easily find information about a certain topic but there’s also a potential for a more interactive teaching situation,” says Kirkeng. “The smartphone has changed our habits, and we have to bear in mind the amazing possibilities of mobile technology. It can enable new possibilities of actively involving students and their way of acquiring knowledge.”