Oh, what brilliant minds!

Google´s former CEO Eric Schmidt, Skype founder Niklas Zennström, Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda and the Head of the New Generation Telco, Johan Dennelind. That’s part of the lineup taking the stage at the Brilliant Minds/Symposium conference in Stockholm this week.

Created by Spotify’s Daniel Ek and Aviici’s manager Ash Pournouri, Symposium Stockholm is a week-long festival of ideas, fashion, music and tech to capture the future and the forward-thinking energy of Sweden.

The conference Brilliant Minds is the flagship event of Symposium where attendees discuss, provoke and challenge the status quo to create new definitions of business and celebrate collaborative creativity.

Johan was giving a keynote speech at Brilliant Minds, outlining Telia Company’s vision for the Gigabit Society to johan brilliant minds.jpgturbo charge digitalization.

"But it doesn’t end with the Gigabit Society, that’s where the future begins with almost endless possibilities for people, business and society," Johan said.

Oldest start-up
Johan also highlighted that Telia is probably the oldest tech start-up in town, with a +150 years history of partnering and working with others, including Ericsson and Spotify. And it’s just the very start.

"The number of companies and start-ups we’ve met in the last year approaches 1,000. I am proud to say that over the last year we has invested 1.2 billion SEK in innovative companies," he said.
Johan spent last week in Silicon Valley. During his key note, he compared Silicon Valley to Stockholm, or Silicon Valhalla, concluding that Stockholm has a lot going for it in terms of co-operation between industry and academia, funding and diversity.

"I admit the weather is better in the Valley. At the same time, the climate up here makes us stay in and create great things," Johan said.

He also called on all the brilliant minds in the room to reach out and get involved with Telia Company.

"Help us create the Gigabit Society. People talk about VR and AR. For us the Gigabit Society is about DR – making the Dream Reality come alive," Johan said.