Omnitel first in Lithuania to implement VoLTE in 4G network

Omnitel, part of Telia Company, are the first in Lithuania to implement the voice transmission technology VoLTE (Voice over LTE) in its 4G network. This ensures a high data transfer rate even when simultaneously making or receiving a call and surfing the Internet. It also improves call quality and speeds up the call connection process.

The VoLTE technology used by Omnitel is implemented in the cloud-based IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) platform, which combines mobile and fixed-line communication technologies.

“VoLTE is the basis of next-generation telecommunications voice services. This technology significantly improves customer experience in using mobile communication – during a call, it is possible to continue surfing in the 4G network, while the voice can be heard more clearly and naturally, and the reliability of the voice service is improved. In addition, thanks to VoLTE, radio frequencies, which are the most expensive and the most limited resource of mobile technologies, are used more efficiently,  Andrius Šemeškevičius, Chief Technology Officer at Teo and Omnitel says.

He points out that the new IMS platform allows to combine both mobile and fixed-line services. This reduces the divide between LTE and Wi-Fi technologies, which will give customers extra convenience in not having to bother about the communication technology used by their device.

The VoLTE technology already operates in the Omnitel 4G mobile network. However, smartphone manufacturers have not yet enabled this service on their devices. In order for VoLTE to become operational on 4G-enabled phones in Lithuania, it is necessary to wait until software updates for such devices become available and to move the current additional services to the IMS platform.

Now the VoLTE technology can work only in the 4G network between devices that support it and have this function enabled. When calling to or from a device that does not support VoLTE, voice will be transmitted in the usual way – over 3G or 2G networks.

In February this year, Omnitel was the first in the Baltic countries and one of the first in the world to take a step towards the future generation of 5G mobile communication and to implement the latest mobile technology – 4.5G. The data download speed achieved in an actually operating network was more than 750 Mbps.

In 2014 Omnitel was the first in Lithuania to enable 4G+ connectivity for commercial use, allowing to reach the speed rate of up to 200 Mbps. Omnitel 4G++ connectivity, ensuring the download speed of up to 330 Mbps, has been available in Lithuania since 2015.

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