SIMs made smarter: Say hello to the eSIM

Tired of fiddling with SIM cards for your smartphone or tablet? Well, these days might soon be over as TeliaSonera teams up with other leading operators to introduce the eSIM. First device out – the Samsung watch “Gear S2 classic 3G”.

The SIM card has been around since the early 90ies. Back then the SIMs were the size of a credit card. From there technology moved on and the latest invention was the Nano-SIM which was introduced in 2012 no bigger than a thumbnail.

Now we’re on the verge of the next step in the SIM evolution as TeliaSonera has teamed up with Samsung, Oberthur Technologies and some of the world’s leading operator to introduce the eSIM (where the e is short for embedded). The eSIM is, simply put, a way to activate and connect devices to the mobile network without having to insert a SIM card. You basically switch on the device, install your profile and you are good to go.

- We’re really happy to be part of this initiative and to bring even more great services and devices to our customers. The connected world is growing by the day and we want our customers to enjoy every part of it – on their terms. The eSIM is an important step in this direction, says Jesper Hedblom, Chief Commercial Officer, TeliaSonera.

The Samsung watch “Gear S2 classic 3G” is the world’s first eSIM device to hit the market. Later on we can expect health bands, smart phones, tablets and other devices to carry eSIMs.

- Beyond making it easier for customers to connect and activate their devices, the eSIM means that the size of devices can be reduced. The Samsung watch would have been considerably bigger if it carried a standard SIM card, says Jesper Hedblom.

The eSIM in the Samsung watch is based on industry association GSMA standard, where TeliaSonera is a member.