Speed record in Omnitel’s mobile network - first in the Baltics with LTE Advanced Pro

Developing their new generation telecommunications business, Teo and Omnitel, subsidiary of TeliaSonera, erase the line between mobile and fiber-optic Internet. Omnitel is the first in the Baltic countries and one of the first in the world to implement the latest mobile technology 4.5G / LTE Advanced PRO. In an actually operating network, Omnitel recently demonstrated a data download speed of nearly 700 Mbps.

“The 4.5G mobile technology now  implemented in the network of Omnitel, is a major step towards 5G. By developing our new generation telecommunications business, for the first time we have made the speed of mobile communication the same as that of the fiber-optic Internet in an actually operating network and have shown that already in the near future we will no longer feel any substantive differences between these technologies”, - Andrius Šemeškevičius, Chief Technology Officer at Teo and Omnitel, says.

The 4.5G connectivity available in the network of Omnitel operates in accordance with the latest mobile technology standards. Data is transmitted by combining 4 different frequency bands, the latest signal encoding technologies and the 4-channel transmission technology. This ensures up to 3 times faster mobile data transmission than by using the existing technologies. Under laboratory conditions, this technology allows to reach data download speeds of nearly 1 Gbps.

“4.5G, which has been implemented in the network of Omnitel, will become available to users immediately, as soon as there are devices supporting this technology. At present, the existing communication technologies are absolutely sufficient for the services demanding higher mobile Internet speeds, but we are thinking about the future when the Internet will connect not only people, cars, but also things. All Omnitel 4G users will already now feel the benefit of the 4.5G technology, because it increases the capacity of the current 4G network”, - Andrius Šemeškevičius, Chief Technology Officer at Teo and Omnitel, says. He pointed out, that just in one year Omnitel’s 4G network customer base has tripled, while the amount of transferred data increased twice.

According to the latest data of the Communications Regulatory Authority, Omnitel offers the widest and fastest 4G network connectivity in Lithuania, which covers 85 per cent of the territory of Lithuania and is available to more than 96 percent of Lithuania’s population. Omnitel customers can also use faster 4G+ network connectivity as well as 4G++ network connectivity with download speeds of up to 300 Mbps that was enabled in major cities last year. LTE Advanced Pro provides speeds of up to 1000 Mbit/s (1 Gbit/s). That means that you can download a 1GB movie in just  a few seconds.

In December 2015 TeliaSonera in Norway set a world-speed record using the LTE Advanced Pro technology in Norway.