Investors updated on Telia Company's sustainability work

On Monday (12 December) investors were invited for a sustainability update. “Sustainability is important to us. We want to do the right thing,” said Johan Dennelind, President and CEO, Telia Company, at the meeting.

In order to restore trust in the company, Telia has focused on keeping the company’s owners up to date regarding ongoing sustainability work. Johan Dennelind said: "Telia Company has been on a long change journey, and today we have a lot to be proud of, but we will never be fully done."

Responsible exit
Since last year’s sustainable meeting with investors, a lot of effort has been spend on ensuring a responsible exit from Eurasia. Jonas Bengtsson, General Council, Telia Company, described the measures taken: “We entered these markets in the wrong way. When we leave, we will do it as responsibly as possible. Our Eurasian operations are today well equipped to continue doing business the Telia Company way, even with new owners.”

Code of Conduct
During the two hour presentation the new Code of Conduct, Don´t do this at work and the Human Rights Impact Assessment were presented. Telia Company’s work to protect children online and make their internet usage as positive as possible was also presented.

Positive contribution to society
Henriette Wendt, Head of Corporate Development, Telia Company, talked about how the company’s services can help the world reach the United Nation’s Global Goals. “When we estimate how digitalization will affect our region it is striking to see the profound impact. By using modern technology, like cloud based services, IoT and the internet, to its full potential we will save lives and the environment, create jobs and increase growth. Our services will lay the foundation for huge improvements.”