Telia and Tesla take the stage on future transportation

Tesla founder Elon Musk and Telia's Abraham Foss were speakers when the Norwegian government arranged a conference on green transportation in Oslo. Along with other national and international experts, they gave their view on what a future transport system should look like.

How can Norway´s transport system be safe and help to achieve the transition to a low-emission society? This was discussed on a conference on April 21 in Oslo, hosted by the Norwegian government. To promote enhanced collaboration across industries and national borders, the US Secretary of Transportation was invited, as well international experts such as Elon Musk from Tesla Motors.

On stage was also Abraham Foss, CEO of Telia in Norway. He talked about Telia Sense, the connected car solution, and how it will give car-owners new dimensions, as the car becomes a digital platform for new services, similar to how smartphones transformed into a marketplace for a diversity of applications. This will give opportunities for better choices for the car, the driver and the environment.

-    Telia Company is moving away from predefined products into an agile and open ecosystem, where IoT is one of our shining stars. On that journey we will strongly contribute to the digitalization of society and can, together with partners, achieve many environmental benefits, said Abraham Foss.