Telia Company appoints Pasi Koistinen as Telias Liaison Officer in Latvia

Telia Company has appointed Pasi Koistinen as Telia’s new Liaison Officer in Latvia. Koistinen will support Telia’s efforts to solve the ownership and governance of Lattelecom and LMT in collaboration with Latvian government.

Telia Company has suggested to merge the assets and build a New Generation Telco also in Latvia as Telia Company has done in other markets in Nordics and Baltics.

“We want to change the ownership structure or the governance of both companies, Lattelecom and LMT to fulfil Telia’s strategy and run businesses as normal in Latvia. That’s why we have appointed our new Liaison Officer Pasi Koistinen to find common understanding and solution with all the stakeholders”, says Robert Andersson, Telia’s Head of Region Europe.

Pasi Koistinen has experience of similar projects. He has worked 18 years for Telia Company in Finland, Eurasia and Lithuania where Telia Company has successfully joint forces of the local companies Omnitel and TEO. Pasi Koistinen will also be member of LMT supervisory counsel.

Telia Company has tried to solve the case for 13 years; finding the workable solution is now long overdue. “Our strategy is to sell out or buy in with several possible combinations. If we could choose, merger is a preferred option”, says Andersson.