Telia Company first in the Nordics and Baltics to launch the eSIM

The eSIM is finally here and Telia customers are among the first to be offered the opportunity to purchase a device fitted with this new SIM technology. The first device in the world fitted with the eSIM, the Samsung Gear S2 classic 3G, went on sale by OneCall in Norway on May 10, while in the Baltics, Telia Eesti will start selling the device mid-June.

The eSIM solution has been implemented in partnership with Samsung and Oberthur Technologies and is based on industry association GSMA standard, where the company has been actively contributing.

So what exactly is the eSIM? The eSIM, or embedded SIM, allows you to activate and connect your companion consumer devices, such as watches, health bands and tablets, to the mobile network without having to insert a SIM card. You basically switch on the device, install your profile and you are good to go. As the eSIM fitted devices don’t need the proximity of a smart phone to operate, forgetting your smart phone at home when you, for example, go for a run will no longer be a problem. You’ll be able to answer your calls, messages and emails just as normal.

But that’s not all. The eSIM will allow manufacturers to develop a whole new range of smaller and lighter devices that were not previously possible due to the size of the standard SIM.

“We’re really happy to be part of this initiative and to bring even more great services and devices to our customers. The connected world is growing by the day and we want our customers to enjoy every part of it – on their terms. The eSIM is an important step in this direction," says Jesper Hedblom, Chief Commercial Officer at Telia Company.