Telia Company in Nepal – eight years of growth

On April 11, Telia Company finalized the divestment of Ncell. The company was a market leader and had grown the number of subscriptions to over 13 million from from 1,5 million in 2008. During Telia Company's ownership, Ncell expanded its 2G services to all of Nepal's 75 districts and performed a massive expansion of the 3G network. Ncell introduced affordable data packets and made mobile data usage a part of rural Nepal and not only something that you find in the cities.

Telia Company's investments in Nepal, which total more than USD 700 million since the start, have helped contribute to a change in society – a positive change where the full benefits are yet to be seen.

During the years with Telia Company as owner, Ncell has paid more than 1,1 billion USD in governmental fees, taxes etc. In the past three years alone, Ncell has paid SEK 1,5 billion in corporate taxes. Ncell was the largest tax payer in Nepal two years in a row, and its contribution to the country’s economy as a whole stands at almost 2 percent of GDP.

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Some facts:

CAPEX excluding license since incorp:  71 BNPR

Local opex (only since 2010 since SAP implementation): 21 BNPR

Local capex (only since 2010 since SAP implementation): 32 BNPR

Total government payments (License, Telephone Service Tax, Ownership Tax, VAT,

Withholding Tax, Income Tax, Royalty, Frequency Fee, Rural Telephone

Development Fund, National Level Welfare Fund) since incorp: 118 BNPR

Ncell employees: 525

Outsourced employees: 1,273

Point of sales: over 9,000

Site rentals (additional income to local people): over 3,100