Telia Company joins the European Commission and leading companies in EU push for 5G leadership

Telia Company has on 7 July joined the leading telecoms operators and other players from industrial sectors, including healthcare, aviation and automotive in setting out a proposal to put Europe in a leading global position in 5G.

To ensure European leadership there are a number of policy proposals, such as the consideration of more radio spectrum, the ability of companies to build networks and the rules which govern the way in which companies can offer services, which all need to be carefully considered and acted upon to ensure customers and society can get the maximum benefit from 5G. Being a leader in discussions on 5G in our home markets, bringing the message that 5G leadership needs to be shown from all players in the eco-system, including policy makers, will hopefully give operators the ability to lead the way on 5G.

“Telia Company will bring 5G to at least two cities in 2018, showing technology leadership; putting the best and latest technology in our customers' hands is important for us. The work being carried out by the European Commission and supported by this group of companies provides an important basis for creating the right policy environment to allow 5G to flourish, as well as fostering the culture of partnership and innovation which will be a prerequisite for digitally driven growth in Europe,” says Johan Dennelind, President and CEO of Telia Company and representative at today’s CEO Roundtable.

The roundtable was brought together and led today by Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society Günther H. Oettinger who added: "I very much welcome the 5G Manifesto and discussions today with the high-level industry group. These will help us focus on the key levers to ensure European digital leadership in 5G. I will come forward with a 5G Action Plan in the autumn.”

Telia Company has already announced that it will launch 5G in Stockholm and Tallinn in 2018, an announcement which has been further bolstered by the recent announcement of a further 5G MoU with Nokia. 5G will represent a step change in the way in which we can serve our customers, both individual consumers and businesses, with innovative new services and offerings. 5G will be about more than just speed for our customers, it will enable them to explore new business models based on the quality required and the increased capacity needed for mission critical services such as driverless cars, personalized health and wellness and a myriad of other opportunities.