Telia Company´s new Head Office – an amazing place for a great bunch of people

Today is the first day for around 3300 employees at Telia Company´s brand new Head Office in Solna. In the super modern office, designed and furnished to kindle creativity, cable is history. Everyone works where they choose, on the fastest wifi network available.

To build a workplace that supports innovation, creativity and collaboration – that was the task. The result is really nothing but amazing. There is a huge variety of workstations, from the combined “fika” (=Swedish coffee break) and work lounge to workstations designed to support focused work. There´s also areas for collaboration and co-work. The Meeting Arena is the center of interaction and idea sharing, with colleagues as well as customers and partners.

To support mobile ways of working, the building is geared with the fastest and most high performing wifi network available. And forget connecting to a cable – wireless is king. Regardless of where you choose to work, the wifi network identifies and authenticates your device and who you are. Via positioning, you will be able to find your way to meeting rooms or look for colleagues who choose to show where they are at the moment.

"Watching thousands of colleagues coming to work today is such a great feeling. We already had amazing staff – now we also have an incredible, dynamic workplace to match what we do and who we are - a fantastic company," says Johan Dennelind, CEO Telia Company.