Telia Denmark put innovation and children online on the agenda at political festival

Every year during week 24 the political festival "Folkemødet" takes place at Danish Bornholm. For the third year Telia Denmark participated in the constructive dialogue and arranged two exciting debates.​

Folkemødet, the Danish equivalent of Swedish "Almedalsveckan", is one of the biggest political meeting places i Denmark. The week-long event gives everyone the opportunity to actively take part or listen in on debates about social and political issues. This year almost 100,000 guests visited Folkemødet, which hosted almost 3,000 events.

“Folkemødet creates a friendly environment, giving us a golden opportunity to help raise awareness about issues and areas for development for our company and industry. It also gives us the chance to talk about something that contributes to the Danish society,” says Mette Honoré, Country Head of Communications in Telia Denmark.

Telia in Denmark hosted two debates:

Debate 1. Twisted minds and brilliant ideas

Three well-known professionals were were invited to talk about twisted minds and brilliant ideas from each of their unique perspectives: The retired physics professor Holger Bech Nielsen, innovator Preben Mejer and neuroscientist Peter Lund Madsen.

During the futuristic debate about innovation, questions such as “will computers take over the humans” were discussed. Preben Mejer argued that this will happen even before we expect it and stressed the importance of  humans staying in control over the computer and artificial intelligence by simply turning it off when we see it fit.

“Our philosophical debate about the future and how brilliant ideas come to life is is absolutely one of the most popular amongst all of the events at Folkemødet. It´s important for us to display Telia as a relevant contributor to the Danish society as our digital infrastructure is a foundation for innovation and technological development.” says Mette Honoré.

Debate 2. Children online

During the past years, Telia in collaboration with Save the Children Denmark, have taken initiatives to create a safer environment for children when they go online. At Folkemødet a panel consisting of the Minister of Justice, Søren Pind, and the General Secretary of Save the Children Denmark, Jonas Keiding Lindholm, and two local students discussed the dangers and pitfalls when children surf alone on the internet.

The debate served as a kick-off event for further collaboration with Save the Children, The Media Council and the new communication museum Enigma on children’s digital activities on the internet, which will be launched during the coming weeks.

“Digital media brings fantastic opportunities for learning, socializing and entertaining, but we need to also address the pitfalls and of the meda. With this collaboration we want to help the youngest citizens to get the best possible start to their digital lives.  The two chosen debate topics support us in showing how we are a responsible business who creates the basis for innovation and as a company also cares about children´s interests and experiences on the internet”, says Mette Honoré.