Telia in Norway covers 98% of the population with high-speed mobile internet

Nearly two and half years before the government's regulatory requirement, Telia in Norway managed to deliver high-speed mobile internet coverage to 98 percent of the country's population.

In two years, Telia has doubled the number of Norwegians with access to their 4G net. Not only do Telia´s customers use Norway's fastest high-speed mobile network - they also have the fastest growing mobile network which covers nearly the entire population. When the 800 MHz-frequencies were auctioned in 2013, Telia won the best frequencies and were required to deliver a coverage of 98 percent of the population and a miminum of 2 Mbit/second speed before the end of 2018. Telia promised to deliver this before the end of 2016.

"Thanks to an enormous focus on building the coverage the we have reached the goal even six months earlier than we promised, two and a half years earlier than required," says Jon Christian Hillestad, Technical Director in Telia Norge.

Since receiving the frequencies, Telia has built over 3000 3G- and 4G-stations and has in two years doubled the number of Norwegians with access to Telia´s 4G net. More than 5 millon Norwegians today have access to high speed mobile internet.

"Digitalization is evolving so fast and we want to support this development. Together with customers and partners, we´ll continue to create unique customer experiences. We aim to give our customers the best 4G net, with the fastest and best coverage, enabling them to use all possibilities of modern mobile technology. We will continue to build more base stations, and before the end of 2017, all existing ones will have 4G," says Abraham Foss, CEO Telia Norge.

Several independent tests show that Telia has succeeded in building Norway´s best 4G net. Recently, Telia came out on top in what is Norway´s biggest ever independent test of the Norwegian mobile networks, carried out by the country’s leading tech site