Telia in Norway pioneers in Facebook success

When Telia in Norway tried dynamic ads on Facebook as the first Nordic company, costs were lowered by 91%. Facebook shares the success story and Telia is nominated in the largest Norwegian media award 2016.

After running Facebook campaigns manually for a couple of years, Telia Norway wanted to lower the costs and boost online sales. Together with Facebook, they tried an automated solution to reach customers on Facebook with content based on their searches online.

“By using an automated product catalogue solution and dynamic ads from Facebook, we save production time and marketing costs and reach a more relevant target group. The results are very impressive and we’ve only just started tapping into the potential of dynamic ads. We’re really excited to see what this can bring going forward.” says Erik Werner, Ecommerce Manager, Telia.

Being a first mover in the Nordics with this innovative solution, Telia in Norway is now nominated for the media price 2016. Facebook also shares the success story as best practice.

“Telia pioneered in the Nordics with this kind of world-class digital marketing. It´s creative, innovative and challenges the status quo – with amazing results. This sets new standards for digital marketing going forward, says Petter Høie, Nordic Head of Agency at Facebook.

Facebook success story