Telia in Sweden promotes the health of kids through the GEN-PEP initiative

Telia in Sweden is one of the founding partners to the Generation Pep initiative – an initiative with the aim of promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for all children and young people in Sweden.

Sweden is one of the countries in Europe where people are the most sedentary, and only a very small number of children get the daily recommended amount of exercise which is one hour.

Telia in Sweden has therefore, together with Carl Bennet AB, CS Stiftelse för Nästa Generation, The Erling-Perssons Family Foundation, ICA, The Swedish Crown Princess Couple's Foundation, and the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation, launched the GEN-PEP initiative to make sure that all children and young people in Sweden have access and the will to lead more active and healthy lives.

“Through this initiative, the Crown Princess and I hope to bring to light one of our generation’s most important topics – the health of our children and young people,” said Prince Daniel of Sweden.

Swedish 4-year-olds spend almost half of their waking hours sedentary and only one out of every eight thirteen-year-old reach the recommended level of daily activity. We move too little and eat the wrong kinds of food – a combination which is becoming one of the biggest health risks of our time.

“Children and young people are our future and these are questions that engage us. We already cooperate with anti-bullying organization Friends to promote internet safety for children and young people. As a market leader it’s our duty to step up and take responsibility when it comes to topics like these. Through innovation and technology, and with the help of digitalization, we have the power to change,” said Hélène Barnekow, CEO of Telia in Sweden.

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