Telia is rolling out 4G for mobile calls in Norway

Telia starts to roll out 4G Tale, mobile calls in the 4G network, to its customers in Norway. This means improved sound, shorter connection time on calls and better coverage in Norway's best mobile network.

Telia customers in Norway will now be able to both surf and talk on their mobile phones while they are connected to 4G. The reason is that the company has started the roll out of 4G Tale, also known as "Voice over LTE" or "VoLTE", to their customers which means that mobile calls are made via the fast 4G network.

"Our 4G mobile network is the best in the country according to all tests and surveys in 2016, but we continue to develop it. Now with a sufficient number of mobile phones that support the VoLTE technology available, the timing to launch 4G Tale is perfect. The coverage, speed and quality in the 4G network makes it fully equipped to maximize the potential of new technologies", says Jon Christian Hillestad, CTO, Telia Norway.

Surfing at the speed of lightning even during calls
Many people have probably experienced that the speed of mobile surfing slows down if you take a call simultaneously. One reason for this is that the calls go through the 2G and 3G network, while surfing is done either on 3G or ideally 4G. It has not been possible to use 4G for voice calls up until now.

Sony, Samsung and Apple first out
Telia in Norway now has 2.3 million customers in its mobile network. During the first roll- out period, until the end of this year, it is customers with selected models from Sony, Samsung and Apple who will get 4G Tale on their mobile phones.. The upgrade is automatic.

"The first models to get 4G Tale are Samsung S6 and S6 Edge, Sony Z5 Z5 Compact and Z5 Premium and Apple iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus and SE" says Hillestad and adds that  more models will get 4G Tale shortly.

About 4G Tale
4G Tale, also known as "Voice over LTE" or "VoLTE", is a new technology that allows us to use the 4G network for mobile calls by sending them as data packets. Activation of 4G Tale is automatically done on mobile phones that support the new technology. 4G in Norway runs on the so-called 800,1800 and 2600 MHz frequency bands, that have signals with particularly good indoor coverage.

Benefits of 4G Tale
• Improved  audio quality on mobile calls (HD audio)
• Higher speed (from 5-10 seconds to about 1 second)
• Better coverage
• Faster surfing during call
• Lower battery consumption

About the Telia network in Norway
Over 98 percent of the population now has access to mobile high-speed networks from Telia in Norway. Telia  has over the past year won all tests, both continuous user tests by different programs  on the mobile phone , for example Ookla and Open Signal and  more extensive testing of coverage and speed carried out by media and in the industry. In May the media house Technical Ukeblad Media (TEK) crowned Telia the best mobile network in Norway. Telia continues the build out of 4G and 4G + in Norway, and upgrades existing base stations with 4G technology.