Telia’s problem solvers now up for housecalls

Technology is fantastic, when it works. When it doesn’t, problems can take a long time and a lot of effort to solve. Daniel Swenson is one of Telia’s 20 technicians in Sweden who can visit and assist small and medium sized companies when an IT-problem occurs.

Eight out of ten small business owners in Sweden handle IT on their own and thus have to spend time on troubleshooting when a problem occurs, instead of spending time on their core business.

Simultaneously it can be challenging for many small businesses to handle increasingly growing IT structures.

Personal advisor
In 2015 Telia Company launched a new support service – Personal Advisor – where small business can be guided through the complex technology landscape to find the most proper communication and IT solutions to fit the companies’ needs.

“Troubleshoot and solve”
Telia now takes the next step and launches personal technicians. One of them is Daniel Swenson from Malmö. “I will visit companies, including ones that aren’t Telia customers today, troubleshoot and solve their IT problems. My job might be about fixing wireless networks or installing software but I’ll pretty much be able to solve any IT problem.”

20 technicians
Daniel Swenson will assist customers in the south-western part of Sweden while his 19 co-workers will cover the rest of the country.

Personal technicians (in Swedish)