Teo and Omnitel services move in together

The first joint showroom is now opened in Kaunas. By the end of 2016, fixed line and fiber optic communications services and devices will be available all over Lithuania in two-branded showrooms.

In the beginning of 2016, Teo acquired all shares in Omnitel. Since then, the two companies operate as a single business entity, but have kept their different legal names and offer their services in separate customer care and showroom chains.

“By joining the forces of Teo and Omnitel, we have created a joint customer care space for mobile and fiber-optic communications services. This is a new step of the synergy and integration of the two companies that combines technologies and services together to minimize barriers to use them, says Norbertas Žioba, Head of B2C at Teo and Omnitel.

The joint sales of services will be especially convenient to Teo customers, who can now find shops at many more locations than before. The total number of Teo and Omnitel showrooms in Lithuania will basically remain the same.

Last year, a pilot joint customer care showroom of Teo and Omnitel was opened in Alytus. “The experience gained by employees and customers in this showroom was used to plan the joint sale of services throughout Lithuania. Our customers in Alytus were very positive about the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the services and devices offered by both companies in one place. Therefore, now the expectations on us are high, says Norbertas Žioba.

The showrooms will have a completely new interior concept, with open spaces and immediate contact between customers and consultants. Products will be more visible and there will be more color to promise new experiences.