Watch Yesterday’s Telia Talk

There is need for more cooperation between private companies and public sector for our region to stay competitive as digitalization enters the next phase. That was the core of the message agreed during yesterday´s Telia Talk in Solna.

It was crowded in the Solna office as the first ever Telia Talk kicked of last night. The topic for discussion was digitalization in the Nordics and Baltics. On stage together with Johan Dennelind were Taavi Röivas, Estonian Prime Minister and Peter Eriksson, Minister for Digital Development in Sweden.
“Tallinn and Stockholm are the digital capitals of the world. That is why we will roll out 5G early in these cities””, said Johan Dennelind.

Much of the discussion were about how northern Europe can stay frontrunner in digitalization.

“We have done well but now we need to start running at quite some pace. We could be the first ever cross border region to provide digital public services, as Finland and Estonia is now pioneering”, said Taavi Rõivas giving example on how the countries could work more closely together.

All three were pointing to the need for cooperation between public and private sector.
“In some sectors we are in a leading position. But to be honest, in public sector we are not among the best. We need to more on the edge”, said Peter Eriksson

Taavi Rõivas wants to create a good breeding ground for the inventions and new smart solutions that develops society.
“Both telcos and Governments are infrastructure providers for others to use, the telcos have the networks and we provide with education and the regulation. If we give the right tools there will be millions of people creating something out of it. But we must build the foundation”, said Rõivas.

The danger of regulation leading in the wrong direction or being thresholds to further development was also up for discussion.
“We need to showcase the Nordic Baltic region where we have a common view on many issues. To be honest, we are unique in that. In southern Europe it’s a whole other story”, said Johan Dennelind.
"If we get a gap between the northern and southern Europe it will not work, not for them and not for us”, said Peter Eriksson.

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